Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wee-Ones Wednesday: Our Little Mary


Seriously, could this little girl be any cuter? I know she is mine, and I'm completely biased, but... sheesh, she is adorable. When you're a mommy, there's this little bit of pride that swells up inside of you when both your daughters have been chosen to play Mary (the mother of Jesus!!!!!!!) in the preschool play. I realize, I should be ashamed for saying it, but there it is. Judge away. 
To say Iris was excited would be an understatement. The girl could not stop smiling! I kept tearing up. And our beast of a boy was good! That's a Christmas miracle right there. He walked back and forth between us and Lilly, and never forgot to clap. Adorable, I tell you!  These kids may drive me bonkers sometimes, but man do I LOVE them. I just wish they would grow up a little slower.


  1. Iris is a little doll, and a perfect Mary. You deserve to feel proud.

  2. OK...Iris is the perfect Mary...I'm just saying...and she's not my child. I love her!