Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wee-Ones Wednesday: Best One Yet

Christmas Eve: 
fell asleep after visiting family
said good bye to Buddy
read about Jesus
left cookies for santa &
food for the reindeer
left a key for santa
loved his train, puzzles, and candy
clapped every time he placed a puzzle piece 
got the walking dog and pink sock monkey she asked for
loves her new, foxy flats
adored the puppet theater Lilly made her
super excited for her "grown up" hair chalks &
screamed when she read santa's note telling her she could go to art class
adored the tee-shirt Iris made her
best one yet!


  1. In the last photo----how did you get everyone to smile at the same time??? Wow! Sweet blog.

  2. reese has the same pjs as hendricks this year. luv iris's flats! cute way to post, a little snipit for each kid. great title.