Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wee-Ones Wednesday: Another Week Down



 Lilly spent a week at a day camp for Fullerton Girl Scouts this summer. The theme was mazes, maps and mysteries of Ancient Egypt. She really loved the crafts, songs, and spending time with her friends. I volunteered for two of the days and enjoyed watching the girls navigate their way through conflicts and decision making. I love being able to be apart of these special moments in our children's lives. All three of them are so awesome and different. Being able to enjoy them one on one is something Dan and I try to do as often as possible.
While Lilly was away all day, Iris got to go to Color Me Mine for the first time with her friend, Jessa. She loved painting and wanted to do everything by herself. The next day, we took my mom down to Fashion Island. The littles love looking at the fountains and chasing the fish. We ate yummy pastries and did a little shopping before Lilly got home. Our evenings were finished off at the CSUF pool where the kids take swimming lessons for two straight weeks. Summer is the ultimate reward for being teachers and we plan on enjoying every minute of it


  1. Looks like Hendricks wanted to jump right in. Wonderful to spend time with each child individually. Looks like your Mom is enjoying them too.