Saturday, June 28, 2014

Welcome, Summer!

We have an arched ceiling that greets anyone who enters our home, and for the last year it has not gone for more than a week without being decorated. My girls ask what will go up next as soon as I take decorations down. It sorta looks like we are always having a party... I guess we are celebrating the little things. 
It was super easy to make. I cut out the banner shape from scrapbook paper, and wrote the "summertime" letters myself using a Sharpie marker. The beach balls at the end made the girls squeal. For the felt garland, I sewed together shapes that were in a Modern Kids art box from Target that I picked up on clearance a while back. I bought two, so there's a ton left over for other crafts.


  1. love the banner. but the beach balls are the best!! i'm stealing next year.

  2. You are so creative. The kids will always remember the decorating. You will probably be doing it when they visit after they get married :)